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30.07.2021    Insight

Time for the Baton to Switch

As we enter the third quarter, investors are greeted with both optimism and concern. Optimism because there is still a strong case for above-average growth in the years ahead, but concern because the nature of this growth is likely to change. The tailwind of the fiscal and monetary-fuelled pandemic recovery is shifting to a lower but perhaps more sustainable trajectory, led by the consumer and corporate sectors. We are calling this switch: Slowing and More Uncertain Macro to Vibrant and More Dynamic Micro.

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14.05.2021    News

The EG Interview: LXi REIT’s grande plans

Having suffered an almost-inevitable share price slump during the pandemic, long-income specialist LXi REIT has been given something of a caffeine boost during recent months – fitting given the investor’s new-found focus on drive-through coffee outlets. An equity issuance in March – its fourth since a 2017 initial public offering – was a roaring success, raising the company £125m compared to a target of £75m and bringing a raft of new investors onto its share register. Its share price is now close to its post-IPO high from late 2019.

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