Powerful secular changes are afoot; seeking a wider palette of opportunity

Let us begin by saying we send our heartfelt thoughts for any client affected by the virus.


Time for Assessment and Reassessment

In a period of tremendous uncertainty, with stock markets rallying strongly from the lows of March, our clients are asking how they should think about their positioning.


Insights from Private Equity - Post Covid-19 Crisis

How will the economic fall-out and turbulence of the Covid-19 affect the private equity industry?


Current Investment Strategy and Insights

As we prepare to re-open economies around the world from one of the most unprecedented global cessations of economic activity in response to Covid-19, we wanted to share with you our latest strategy views. Clearly events are still fluid and there is great uncertainty ahead. However, we are beginning to see some trends emerging.


Credit Distress Brings Opportunity for Patient Capital

The impact of the pandemic has been extraordinary, and the ongoing human cost has been tragic. Our thoughts go out to those who are suffering, and we are grateful to the medical staff who are on the front lines fighting the virus and its spread. We have never faced a complete shutdown of economies globally, and the impact has been profound.


Innovation Insights

In this note, we wanted to share with you some of the emerging trends we are seeing in what is likely to be a transformative period ahead. We aim to provide insights into how the VC market environment has changed in light of the Covid-19 crisis and what are some of the new and emerging innovation trends.


Real Estate: Painful Cross-Roads, Long-Term Opportunity

Over the last 10 years, Alvarium has invested more than $5bn of capital across a range of real estate debt and equity investments, achieving a realised IRR north of 25%. Shareholders, partners, and employees provided 18% of that capital.


Peering Beyond the Crisis

We at Alvarium are deeply concerned about the pandemic and of course the impact it is having around the world, on humanity, on our employees and our clients. First and foremost, we want you to know that we are operating safely, interacting and thinking about your investments daily and using our global network and deep access to some of the best minds in finance to guide us through this crisis.