Our Responsibility

At Alvarium, we are extremely proud of our culture, which is one of collaboration and connection. We believe that it’s our responsibility to leverage our global network of offices and partnerships, the skills of our employees and the influence and resources of our clients, so that we can collectively have a lasting and positive impact on our communities and the environment. We know that our aims are aligned with those of the family offices and institutions we serve, for whom wealth is not measured purely in terms of financial returns but in the long-term, intergenerational preservation of quality of life and improvements to environmental and social conditions for all.

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Alvarium Impact

Bees have been around for 130 million years. The first flowers emerged around the same time. Bees and flowers have evolved together, each becoming more diverse and sophisticated over the millennia. At some point, bees changed from being solitary creatures into social ones, living together. Honeybees went one step further and developed colony life, sharing their homes and duties. They live in well-organised apiaries, built in nests or man-made hives (alvaria) that protect them from wind and rain. These colonies are large and complex examples of cooperation and collaboration, with up to 100,000 bees working together as if they were one. Their roles within the community and their responsibilities to the environment in which they live and work are critical to this cohabitation. We, too, live in complex societies and, like bees, must depend on one another to protect our environment.

Our Culture